The Useful and Strange Invention
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The Useful and Strange Invention

The man had made many interesting and useful things.....Thrust to the invention of man is indestructible. But someone constructs a rocket, and someone should have to first fly into space . Today we will experience six new devices at once. The devices are from the music industry,appliances used in house,and many more...Just look at it and you will be amazed that thee things are already surrounded us and we are used to them...Smile...

1. A strange invention of number 1 . Stick-stuchalki.

useless inventions

If you have a childhood dream of becoming a rock star, but to persuade parents to buy a drum set and you can not, then there is a solution. With the new drum sticks no installation is needed. They are not simple, and e-filling.

The sound is extracted directly from the air. Motion sensors react to the sudden wave of sticks, and the speakers reproduce the sound of hitting the drum. And do not be afraid if there is no hearing, because the main sense of rhythm!

useless inventions

Interestingly , what people think about this invention, professional musicians? Maybe it's time to throw out the drums to a landfill? Then on tour will be traveling light.

Everything is cool, but the stick-stuchalki can make only one sound. At its installation professionals derive a lot of different sounds, there's a dish, and bass, but here - very monotonous. Toys for children, no more.

Now, if these rods were able to change the sound, they would have no price. And so - neither here nor there.

useless inventions

2.The second   invention is useless - manual freezer .

weird inventions

How would I do to drink, you got out of the refrigerator, not heated? On this problem, scientists are fighting in many countries. And then until the entire crossword puzzle to solve, in a mug of fresh milk is:)

Comes to the rescue here is an invention:

weird inventions

The walls of the plastic container - liquid. In the freezer, she turns to ice.

In a normal circle of a glass after 20 minutes, drink heated to nearly 15 degrees, and in the plastic - just before 9.

useless inventions

But it is better to drink out of the ordinary, or even from touching the edges of the teeth of an icy freeze.

Moreover, once the new invention still need a refrigerator, it is easier to freeze the drink itself.

useless inventions

3.A strange invention of number 3. Mobile Emergency Medicine .

strange invention

Who has not experienced a problem when the charge came to an end on a mobile phone? And most importantly, there is usually at the most inopportune moment.

And why not use a regular battery for a mobile phone? - Decided to inventors.

But the chargers for the phones are so different! Then they made adapters to all existing models.

strange invention

Connects to the battery, and say all you want. Moreover, the manufacturers of the charger did not dwell on the phone. Its know-how they have adapted to other electronic devices (eg, camera, MP3 player).

By the way, the sound of human voices, too, has the energy. It is time for scientists to have to use it.Imagine talking on a cell phone, and he was on this charge:)

By the way, this invention is useful for those who want to hike .

strange invention

4. The fourth invention - kofemeshalka -self stirring mug....

If there are washing machines, dishwashers, why not the device, which would have prevented you for tea and coffee? In addition, it would be good to get rid of annoying ringing teaspoon of dish.

With this invention, it is possible. Now just do not need a spoon. All well and stirred. interesting , but how well?

weird inventions

This mug stirs everything for 5 seconds. And the sugar in the bottom of leaves, as usual. Is it worth the invention more expensive than their ceramic counterparts. But you can save on spoons. After all, they are no longer needed.

weird inventions

5. Number 5 - a computer switch .

useless inventions

It is only on PC games is hard to come off. And during a break, and you can do. In order not to waste the extra energy, but do not turn off the laptop, you can use the new invention.

Connect it to the USB connector and simply click on the button when you need a break. Moreover, all energy-consuming processes in the machine off, and it goes into standby mode.

useless inventions

But why? After all, you can make the computer itself, "hibernate", as long as it does not work for long. However, the inventors of this device claim that is still so lost a few precious minutes.

Minutes are added to the clock, clock - in the days, etc. In the end, with a button you can save up to 15 cents a day.

At this rate, the device will pay off no earlier than 10 years. Apparently, the only way to capitalize on the button - do not buy it.

useless inventions

6.The sixth invention is useless - the curtain-notebook.

useless inventions

Inspiration - that sort of thing, you never know where it finds you. What if a brilliant idea came up in the bathroom? do not jump as wet in the search for pen and paper!

Relied on the memory? But it can also fail. But the curtain-notebook - something reliable. He has recorded - and safely wash your further. One problem: it can not be erased. No hot water, no soap.

useless inventions

And if the inscription was not intended for public viewing? What should I do? Do not let anyone into the bathroom?

Only one way out. You do not want everyone to know what you think in the shower - do not write on the curtains :)

useless inventions

Let's hope that the number of useless inventions , sooner or later come into money.

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It is so bizarre how you construct words into things that are not sentences.